I am caught in wonder at the natural world.

” Come look at this, how beautiful this plant is, how intricate this spider web is and look how the stripes on a chipmunk echo his shape. Come see what I see.”

Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist.

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Valerie Rogers is a watercolor and acrylic artist. She paints in-depth visual studies of nature and it`s creatures in their own quiet places. She focuses on the natural beauty around her and translates it to art on canvas. A Canadian artist living in Salmon Arm in the interior of British Columbia. she is surrounded by the natural beauty of the region. The mountains circling her studio are full of the wildlife she loves to paint. Hiking in those mountains gives her the chance to get really close to her inspiration.

Mushrooms and a Squirrel

Why paint mushrooms and a squirrel? The mushrooms that grow on the rotting birch logs are truly things of beauty. They are a fantastic peachy colour with delicate spots on beautiful shaped ovals. These mushrooms provide a pop of warm colour in the greens, greys and...

Painting Horses

While painting horses I feel as if I am part of the immense history of mankind's' love affair with horses. As humans we have always needed and loved horses. Together we have climbed mountains, built cities, fed the masses as well as become the very best of friends....

Pinecones and birds

Last summer while  in Kamloops, BC flock of small birds landed on the pine tree over head. They flitted around the tree checking out the pinecones and dancing up and down the branches and trunk. It was an amazing dance of agility and grace. They were not concerned...

Valerie Rogers – Ducks Unlimited National Art Portfolio 2018

DUCKS UNLIMITED CANADA NATIONAL ART PORTFOLIO 2018  Salmon Arm artist Valerie Rogers supports wetland conservation Artwork selected for Ducks Unlimited Canada’s national collection January 2018 - Valerie Rogers of Salmon Arm, British Columbia joins some of Canada’s...

There are Bears

Here is a share on the creation of a bear.... 🙂 Enjoy.